A Multi-national band, 45RPM takes it’s audience on a magical journey back to the music that changed rock history. Faithfully reproducing the hits of the British invasion and America’s musical response!

Richard Breedon - Lead guitar/Vocals

A native of Nottingham, England. Richard started playing the guitar aged 15 after his sister discarded the Beatle songbook she had and let Richard learn on her guitar. He recalls “I remember walking to where a friend of my elder sister lived and buying from her a copy of “A Hard Days Night”. I must have played that LP 1000 times!” A move to Indiana through work in the late 80’s gave Richard a chance to play in Evansville before a move to Indianapolis in 1996. Work and family caused live work to dry up for some time but the last 3 years has seen him playing in a popular north side band “The Bloody ‘ells!” and most recently with Buckshot Shaker. When the chance to join 45RPMcame along , it was a chance not to be missed and let Richard play the music he grew up with….. a return to where he first started with that battered old Beatle songbook.

Don "Dyno" Davidson - Keyboard/Vocals

Don began playing piano at age 5 and quickly started banging out tunes from Little Richard to Jerry Lee Lewis on his old upright piano.  He studied music theory, organ, and piano through high school and college. His experience includes touring with Chuck Berry in 1972 and recording and performing with John Mellencamp in the early 80’s. Since then he has performed and recorded with various musicians and bands in central Indiana and throughout  the  Midwest. His heart has always been in performing, and, now, with 45RPM, he feels he has come full circle, back to the original roots of early rock and pop that started it all. Don is a real estate broker in Columbus, IN.

Jack "Faz" Fazio - Bass guitar/Vocals

Jack began playing guitar with Chicago’s legendary Ryells at the age of 12. Shifting to bass, because he liked the “big tuning keys”, the band enjoyed considerable success thru the mid and late 60s. Moving to Indianapolis, Jack married Barb and “never got out of Dodge!” He and Doug Wilson have collaborated on several projects including Factory Air, PK And The Big Stir, Playing in Traffic, and now 45RPM. He still performs occasionally with The Temptations Las Vegas Review, The Ryells and The So They Say Band.  Jack notes, “there is no better time machine than music. I love playing the melodic bass lines of these 60s hits!” Jack is a former AT&T executive and small business owner.

Bill Rumely - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica/Percussion

Bill Rumely hails from LaPorte, Indiana. He has played a solo acoustic act for many years, combining traditional folk  tunes with 60s and 70s singer/songwriter fare as well as venturing into acoustic renditions of rock songs. Playing in45RPM is his first venture into a full time band. Prior to this, he had gathered with other musicians to form limited duty bands (Class Trip; Ray & the Pacemakers). He was 11 when the Beatles hit America, so the 60s music is close to his heart. When not playing music, Bill performs live as an attorney in Indianapolis and a high school volleyball coach in New Palestine.

Doug Wilson - Drums/Vocals

Totally consumed by the music of The Beatles and The British Invasion, Doug began playing drums at age 10. He played in numerous bands through high school and beyond. After becoming a father in his early 20s, he retired from playing music for over 30 years. Nearly 10 years ago, he began to play again, along with bassist Jack Fazio. They’ve been the “rhythm section” for several bands (Factory Air, PK And The Big Stir, Playin In Traffic). He has finally been able to realize a lifelong dream of going full circle back to the music of the mid 60s and British Invasion with 45 RPM! One of the highlights has been fulfilling another lifelong dream of purchasing a set of Ludwig “Liverpool Legacy” drums. They are identical to the set played by Ringo Starr in The Beatles, and are his pride and joy. Just ask him! He will be glad to discuss them! A salesman and Estimator for a local asphalt contractor, he is thrilled to be providing the backbeat for 45 RPM!