In forming the 45RPM Band in Indianapolis at the beginning of 2015, the original members looked around to find that there was a lack of quality '60s music being played live throughout Indiana. '60s music in Indianapolis. and, for that matter, 60s music in Indiana, was virtually nonexistent. Being big fans of the British Invasion era of rock music ourselves, and knowing that there are tens of thousands of like-minded Hoosiers out there, we decided to fill that void. We not only wanted to faithfully reproduce the sounds of the era, but also put together a show that, through professional presentation such as matching period outfits, would capture the whole "feel" of the times.

It's our goal to take our audience on a musical time machine back to the most prolific era in rock/pop music. Naturally, we have tremendous appeal to Baby Boomers, our music is perfect for class reunions, festivals, parties, corporate events, wineries, and anywhere that boomers gather. We have also experienced enthusiastic support from younger people, for whom these universal songs provided the background music (their parents played it constantly) as they were growing up - making it instantly recognizable to them!

Come along with us for the ride. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!